Energy Sector

inScope specializes in the energy sector with a specific center of excellence around new/alternative energy & recycling. 
Our team of consulting experts consist of experience with upstream and downstream oil companies, technology companies supplying to the energy sector, automotive manufacturers, electric vehicles, utility infrastructure, green buildings, wind and hydro energy. 
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Electric Drive Transport Association

inScope Group was selected after an RFP and extensive selection process by twelve EDTA board members and over twenty member organizations to lead the EDTA’s outreach and marketing campaign for the NPVI (National Plug-in Vehicle Initiative) Go Electric Drive campaign. inScope worked on a number initiatives which includes the overall marketing strategy; strategy, design, build, implementation, ongoing maintenance and hosting of EDTA’s online environment and social media outreach. 

The site that inScope built can be see at

While the web site itself is something that inScope is proud of, there are other important elements that should be highlighted: 

- The EDTA is comprised of various board members and 110+ key stakeholder organizations from across the electric vehicle value chain, constituting the most comprehensive manufacturers’ and trade association representing transportation electrification. To deliver such a marketing campaign and web site where so many stakeholders that need to approve a sign-off is a true demonstration of inScope’s project management skills. 

- The content of this site is something that summaries a great deal of work. It has been clear to this organization that at the point of launch, the public required unbiased information (vendor neutral) such as what new technologies exist, their personal cost savings of moving to them (fuel savings, govt, incentives etc.), and how to go about moving to them. It was also clear that other interest groups (such as first responders and fleet operators) needed content specific information. was launched to consumers in November 2010 at a press conference held at the LA Auto Show

Bee'ah Environmental Agency

inScope provided strategy and implementation for the launch and ongoing marketing outreach to the Sharjah Government (United Arab Emirates) between 2007 and 2010. Working simultaneously in 7 different languages and concentrating on outreach tactics with low environmental impact, inScope was able to prove a ROI in access of a factor of 29 for a multimillion dollar outreach and significantly change the recycling behaviors of consumers.

Traditional public relations in the form of press releases, placed editorials, one-on-one interviews and press photography placement were used in an integrated approach to gain maximum media exposure.

As of November 1, 2009, in the first 10 months of the year, every major newspaper in the United Arab Emirates had covered Bee’ah and the company’s environmental mission. This included:
• Five front-page stories
• Twelve radio interviews
• Six multi-page editorial placements
• Over 100 pieces of direct coverage
• Ad Value of over 350,575 USD of print media

For comparison please consider that the United Arab Emirates has 10 daily newspapers and one talk radio station.

Does PR drive human behavior? In the first ten months of 2009, Bee’ah already achieved its annual goal to collect 175 tons of solid waste output that otherwise would have reached the landfill sites in Sharjah. At the end of the year, recyclables from the three stream recycling bins amounted to 1.4 million kg. Of this, over 135 tons was made up of paper and over 15 tons of plastic drinks containers. 

A great example of public relations working traditional methods to garner outstanding results in a complex Middle East market.

General Motors

inScope delivered a custom developed application that manages the servicing of a new fleet of fuel cell vehicles. A robust and scalable solution was needed to capture data on how the vehicles are performing technically, problems encountered, and have basis for root cause analysis. This application also integrates the functionality of multiple systems to automate the process of entering data, to ensure user acceptance and efficiency.

In addition, a number of the members of the inScope team were responsible for the definition, design and development of This was the predominant site for charging information, including a GPS component, for the EV1.