About Us

We believe that the organization needs to focus on the Customer Relationship.

Every company is well aware they need to rethink their revenue and profit generation business practices and identify opportunities to improve their processes.

Companies that optimize their sales systems and marketing efforts to win in today’s economic conditions will expand their market share and competitive position during the current economic downturn. At inScope we know how to build strategy and implement solutions quickly and efficiently.

If you need to accomplish any of these objectives we can help:

  • Optimize sales operations to increase efficiency
  • Focus sales consulting and marketing resources on the highest return opportunities
  • Transition to a value focused, process centered, milestone based sales organization
  • Implement a self correcting sales process that reflects your customer's acquisition process and creates value to both you and your customer's organization
  • Maximize your sales channels and marketing partners sales channels
  • Enable sales managers to effectively coach and lead their sales teams
  • Gain a competitive sales and marketing advantage
  • Execute human resource, sales consulting, and marketing consulting plans for immediate sales results
  • Integrate your lead management systems into your sales operations
  • Audit your sales and marketing functions, compare them to best practices and identify opportunities for improvement

And for a number of our customers, whom are not traditionally focused on sales and marketing:

  • Comply with increased government regulations
  • Impement technology to obtain government incentives
  • Adopt systems that allow ease of reporting so incentives can be claimed

We currently work with the teams in nearly all industries including Technology, Banking & Financial Services, Energy / Environmental, Automotive, Manufacturing, Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Media, and many more.

And we work with small organizations that really require the power of technology and processes so they can keep a low overhead as well as Fortune 500 companies. We also have dedicated services for Local, State, Federal and international governments around the world.

While our solutions are technologically agnostic, we also have centers of excellence for customers that use SalesForce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft .NET, Dot Net Nuke, Documentum and Project Insight.

We can and will help your organization develop a holistic sales system that enables your sales and customer service organization to be adaptive, profit conscious and value driven while faced with unprecedented pressure to achieve greater results, faster.

inScope is a State of California registered small business.

Want to find out more? Call inScope today and we'd be delighted to listen to your needs.