Program Management

Improving Performance

The core of a project management offering is the PMO or Project/Program Management Office. This can take typically many forms depending on the level of responsibility and accountability placed upon inScope. At one end of the scale it can be a supporting service collecting and reporting data, or at the other end it can control the methodologies used as well as defining the standard templates and processes to be adhered to and be accountable for the project management community within the organization. inScope has developed a complete outsourced PMO solution, providing the number of project resources required by the Project Portfolio operating within the organization, from the coordinator to the program manager. The benefits are easy to see, including the use of consistent, standardized, best practice processes and templates and certified professional project management personnel.Benefits of a PMO:

  • Greatly reduce the burden of time that core executives are currently spending on managing projects
  • Allow for resources to efficiently spend their time on the tasks that they are best skilled at and best benefit core operations
  • Reduce overall project management costs
  • Increase quality of implementations
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Create standardized processes and procedures to allow for future scalability