Applications trends can have a serious impact on the enterprise. Fight the hype!

Your Challenge

  • Major trends in Social Computing, Cloud Computing, Rich Internet Applications, and Mobility are driving businesses quickly towards the future, and for those businesses not ready to move with the wave of emerging trends, many are being left in the wake of their competition.
  • Generally speaking, the earlier a trend is adopted, the riskier it is to business due to the unproven, untested, and volatile state of many emerging trends.
  • Businesses that choose to wait too long run the ever-increasing risk of being swamped by the cresting wave and falling well behind the competition.
  • Understand the hype surrounding trends, where it comes from, and recognize the bias when you hear the hype.

Our Advice

Critical Insight
  • These topics, trends, and areas of concern are top of mind right now in many discussions about future directions in applications and app development. But does the reality match the hype, and if they do have value who, what, when, and where are these developments appropriate?
  • Choosing the right wave to ride wisely can propel your business to the forefront.  Alternately, choosing the wrong wave can leave your business languishing in the wake of your competition.
  • Trends, like waves, have a way of swamping you if you wait too long to get onboard.
Impact and Result
  • Help Application Managers understand the trends and where they fit in the larger context.
  • Highlight any tangible benefits such as cost savings, increases in productivity and business opportunities, more efficient and improved business agility.
  • Explain the steps required to facilitate and ultimately implement the trends.
  • Explain how Application Managers should sell the benefits to their boss.

Get to Action

  1. Understand application trends

    Get a summary view of each application trend based on the current experience of application professionals.

  2. Evaluate the social trends

    Leverage a wide range of expert talent and assistance.

  3. Assess the development trends

    Provide a richer, more interactive experience for business users.

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